June 03, 2009

Good News: Bin-Laden Says Obi-One = Booosh

Via CBS News:

(CBS) A new audio tape believed to be from Osama bin Laden criticizes President Barack Obama for planting seeds of "hatred and vengeance toward Americans" and warns of consequences.

The tape, aired on Arabic news network Al Jazeera Wednesday, blasts the U.S. president for his role in Pakistan's military operation against Taliban forces in the Swat Valley. The message comes as Mr. Obama prepares to visit the Middle East to shore up diplomatic relations in the region.

It appears the tape was sent directly to al-Jazeera, not released on the internet as of yet. Which is kinda weird, al-Qaeda and supporters have claimed in the past that al-Jazeera "edits" the message and not to their liking. So they release on the internet so their message cannot be taken out of context.

So why only release to al-Jazeera? Something wrong with the tape?

If it turns up anywhere, we'll do an update.

Update: Here is a short clip from the tape. Yep that's bin-Laden's voice saying "Obama". Again no subtitles.

Here's a yahoo vid copy if you need it, youtube has been flakey.

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