June 04, 2009

Sandcrawler PSA: Meet Hot Somali Chicks 100% Free!

I keep seeing this ad for www.arabmatchmaking.com showing up on Jawa Report


Kinda Ironic eh? If Mr. Jihadi Meets his hot Muslim Somali bride through Jawa Report?

So that's kinda funny in a way unless you know what is said on Islamic Forums advising would be Jihadis on how to enter Somalia to join al-Shabaab.

Some brother had this to say at *****.net

the information im providing is for non somalis and non africans, africans will find it a bit easier to move around as they dont stand out so much particularly eritreans, ethiopians, kenyans, oromo etc in their respective countries, no matter who though they must be smart.

and if your a somali then fill yer boots its easiest for you, you can go straight there just tell your neighbours im going to find a bride from back home or visit family or whatever, get a return ticket and then go, still read my information as some applies to you and will help you, especially if you were born in the west...

...similarly if you marry a somali then that is a way, because you want to meet her family back home and spend a little time with them...

...normal reasons to go to djibouti or kenya would be to meet a bride, go to online muslim marriage and find someone there and that is your proof, or find someone of that nationality and ask them to set you up...

...likewise if they marry from them, or marry a somali sister in the west who wants to make hijra

So now its a bit less funny and Ironic, especially since we know that Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad who killed one soldier and wounded another in Arkansas had been detained in Yemen on a fake Somali passport.

But there is hope, the Jihadi helper also talks of the hazards one might face.

spies? yes there is spies

beware, many places you go to have ppl who will kidnap you for ransom

The poster gave other advice that I won't get into. But what is clear is that "romance" and "finding a bride" or "visiting her family" might actually mean, joining the jihad in many cases.

Thanks to Laura.

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