May 01, 2009

Fox Discovers Samir Khan's Magazine

We started getting a number of hits earlier today from people searching for Samir Khan's magazine "Jihad Recollections". Odd given that the magazine was published in early April. But I guess Sammy is always good for a few hits as a surprising number of Americans are shocked each and every time a jihadist living amongst us is exposed -- even if it's the same jihadi over and over again.

The hits can be explained by this Fox article which has some good analysis of the magazine from Steve Emerson and Jarret Brachman. It also has this odd comment:

It is not clear what connection, if any, the magazine has to Al Qaeda or its followers. It is published by the “Al Fursan Media Foundation,” but FOX News could not find such an organization or a way to contact them for comment.
Hey Fox, call me. I have contact info if you want it.

And, yes, al Fursan is a real organization. However, it is a virtual organization.

Then there's this:

Whoever is behind “Jihad Recollections” has a strange mix of opinion with one focus: seemingly to spread the message of Islamic jihad at the expense of Americans.
It kind of makes me think that the article was written by someone who just Googled "Jihad Recollections" and didn't actually talk to either Emerson or Brachman but rather "quote" them in the sense that they're quoting their websites.

I know for a fact that Dr. Brachman knows that Samir Khan is behind al Fursan and the magazine as we've chatted about it on a number of occasions. I strongly suspect Steve Emerson knows about Sammy's connection as well.

In any event let me use this opportunity to remind Sammy that: a) he's a pussy and b) he's a pussy.

That is all.

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