April 28, 2009

Dutch Youths Given Headaches

Youths Loitering.jpg(Rotterdam, Netherlands) A device called the Mosquito emits an annoying sound in the frequency range where it can typically be heard only by people under the age of 25.

Consequently, the Mosquito is used as a "teen repellent" to discourage youths from loitering on the streets and engaging in anti-social behavior.

According to 10-year-old Mohammed,

"It sucks! It gives me a headache. It's like when you've been listening to loud music for a long time and then you stop," he says. "This buzzing sound."
Mohammed's friends Ercan, Anass and Nordin agree but some youths say they have gotten used to it. Nevertheless, the do-gooder crowd and the Socialist Party are strongly opposed to the Mosquitos.

Despite opposition, police and local authorities are pleased with the Mosquitos, saying complaints of intimidation and vandalism have been reduced by 70 to 80 percent. (more)

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