April 28, 2009

Al Qaeda in Somalia Threatens Kenyan Invasion

With all eyes focused on the Somali piracy problem this story serves as a reminder that a bigger threat is looming from the Horn of Africa: violent Islamism.

Libertarian Republican noted two days ago the relationship between President Obama's first cousin, Kenya's new Prime Minister Raila Odinga, the Mungiki Islamist movement, and al Qaeda's Somali affiliate, the al-Shabaab:

The Mungiki are now leading a violent uprising in nothern and central regions of the Nation, while also fanning violence in the slums of the Capitol City in Nairobi. Mungiki rebels who support the imposition of strict Sharia Law, have brutally hacked to death hundreds of villagers in remote regions who've opposed their local rule. It is rumored that Odinga approves of the actions.

Some news reporters and bloggers out of Africa have also suggested that the Mungiki are being supported by outside Muslim extremists groups, from Somalia, Sudan, and Ethopia. The Mungiki's "Mafia style" operation is transporting weapons and funds from these sources into the hands of Mungiki fighters on the ground inside of Kenya.

Go read the rest here. Looks like he scooped the VOA as this morning they noted that the al Shabaab are threatening to invade and annex majority-Muslim areas of Kenya:
The [al-Shabaab], which has refused to recognize President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed's government threatened Monday to annex parts of northern Kenya and implement Islamic Sharia law. Nairobi on the other hand has begun strong measures to counter such an attack by deploying extra troops to man the Kenya-Somali border and maintain the disarmament of residents in the province....

Nairobi said recent abductions of several Kenyans at the border town of Mandera forms part of a wider scheme to force a reaction from the Kenyan government.

Described by Washington as a terrorist organization with close links to al Qaeda, al-Shabab officially informed Nairobi of its intentions to invade Kenya's Northeastern Province and make it part of their country and rule it with their religious laws.

But don't panic, because the terrorists in the new Islamist government have promised to put a stop to al Shabaab -- if the international community will just give them money enough to buy weapons and troops. What could possibly go wrong?

Thanks to Libertarian Republican.

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