April 24, 2009

Inevitable: South Parkish Cartoon Mocking Terrorists Gets Death Threats, Banned at YouTube

Meet the brothers Ahmed and Salim, two normal everyday teenagers who have Facebook accounts and are wicked good at Guitar Hero.

Also, they're terrorists.

There are six episodes in all, including one already banned by YouTube, and if you can get past the canned laughter they're all pretty funny. I especially love episode three where Salim decides to commit suicide since he has no Facebook friends, so his father straps him up with a suicide belt and sends him down to the coffeehouse to blow up the cast of the TV show Friends --- hilarity ensues.

But I'll go ahead and embed episode 1 since it will give you a feel for what the rest of them are like.

McClatchy has a feature article on the cult following the cartoon has in Israel. The hook is that one group sees it as hate while another sees it as humor. Been there, done that, no need to comment.

What is worth linking is the other inevetibale result of anything that portrays terrorists as Muslims: death threats from the religion of do not call any of us terrorists or we will blow you up!

You can get murdered for a cartoon like that," said Trager, a self-described atheist. "I despise all religion, but no other religion would do that over a cartoon. That's why we're passionately more aggressive towards the Muslim faith." ...

We love the negative feedback," Trager said. "We love the death threats. We're surprised we're not dead yet."


Note to Tom Trager Or Paz: ixne on the traveling outside of Israel for awhile. It might get you killed.

Thanks to Dave C.

UPDATE: I didn't even know Dave C. had a blog (or if I did I had conveniently forgot it) or I totally would have linked him the first time. So, apologies, here's Dave C's post.

PS-On second thought, I'll go ahead and embed the episode that was banned on YouTube on the general principle. It's still up over at Daily Motion.

Ahmed & Salim | Ep. 4
by ahmedandsalim

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