April 22, 2009

Samir Khan's Idiotic Magazine Hits MSM: How Gay is the Jihadi Workout?

Dude, when even the normally nuanced and sympathetic MSM makes fun of your retarded jihadi magazine, you know you've done something wrong.

I'll remind readers that we broke the story about Samir Khan's Jihad Recollections magazine.


Had you been reading Jawa Report you would have known about the jihadi workout on April 6th.

Also, f*ck you Samir!

Oh, and Brachman continues to smack down another of the authors of Jihad Recollections here. In fact, should we expect you to be outing Abu Abdullah as-Sayf sometime soon, Jarret?

UPDATE: Image added because I don't think you realize just how gay* this is until you actually see it. And I mean flaming.


*I actually feel bad calling Ibn al-Mubarak, the author of this particular article, a queerbag. Not so much because calling someone a fag dehumanizes homosexuals -- which it does, and that's why I feel slightly bad -- but because it humanizes terrorist scumbags like al-Mubarak too much to compare them to homesexuals.

But they hate being called gay almost as much as they fear the vagina, so apologies to the gay community but I think I'm going to continue to use the term as a pejorative in cases such as these.

I'd call them vermin but that's way too insulting to vermin, and not nearly as insulting to the jihadis.

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