April 21, 2009

500,000 Dollars!

Navel gazing warning: this post is about blogging and how much money bloggers are paid, so may not be of intense interest to those outside the blogosphere. I actually feel I need to apologize for this in advance since it's inside baseball and I wouldn't have written anything about it at all if Joy McCann hadn't emailed the article. Proceed at your own caution.


Um, when do I get my share of that crazy blog money?

Because, according to this Wall Street Journal article a blogger with 100,000 hits a month should be making in the range of 75k a year. The Jawa Report gets over 100,000 hits every 3 - 4 days. It averages out to about 750,000 hits a month or about 9 million hits a year.

So by that math I should be making like $500,000 a year from this thing.

I actually felt kind of guilty for making some money last year from blogging since so much of the content of the Jawa is written by others. Pajamas Media, I thought, was a pretty sweet deal. But it was nowhere near what it needed to be for me to quit my day job.

Seriously, nowhere even close. Not even in the ballpark. Think minimum wage.

And if it wasn't for the rest of the crew at the Jawa Report I wouldn't have even made that. I'm eternally grateful for their support.

The money I make from the blog goes exclusively to one thing: the keep Mrs. Shackleford happy fund.

It's not much, but it's been enough to keep her ire at bay while I spend endless hours blogging. Harder to justify has been the endless hours I spend on the counter-cyberjihad, most of which I don't print publicly on these pages. If any one can think of a way to make money from that, let me know.

In fact, with the demise of Pajamas Media and the steady, if not meager, paycheck I was getting from them I have been seriously thinking of quitting blogging altogether. I probably would, too, if I wasn't addicted to it.

Blogging, the crack of the internet.

So, I concur with Joy, Stacey, The Anchoress, and James: the study sucks, and if it doesn't we are getting royally screwed.

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