April 21, 2009

Confirmed: Veiled Women are Freaky Deaky

I guess the Hamas leadership -- located in Damascus and not in Gaza -- has to do something with their loads of money, free time, and multiple mistresses:

Maid's costumes, musicial negligee and remote-controlled underpants: You'd be surprised what you can find in a Damascus market. Syrian underwear is now so famous that it is exported throughout the Middle East -- and Palestinian women, reportedly, have the wildest taste....

"Most of them are religious and wear veils and long coats," says Abu Adnan, who sells lingerie a few stores further along. It's a tradition that a Syrian bride brings a whole suitcase full of underwear when she gets married, he explains, adding that the new popularity of sexy underwear has a practical application.

"The mothers believe their son-in-law will be less interested in other women if his wife surprises him with more and more new gimmicks at home," he says. In a culture where there is always the danger that the man may find a second or third wife for himself, wives want to make sure their husband stays loyal to them, Abu Adnan speculates. Families spend up to $1,000 on the clothes. "There should be at least 30 sets, if the parents of the bride don't want to be seen as stingy."

To be honest, when Laura sent the link I thought it would be a saucy story filled with irony and hypocrisy. And superficially it is. But then you get to the part about these women worried that their man might take another wife, and it's kind of tragic.

I say kind of because, superficially speaking -- put on the vibrating undies under that veil and make me a sammich!

Plus, never pass up an opportunity to rerun that pic of terror supporting cleric Omar Bakri Mohammad's stripper daughter, Yasmin Fastok.

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