April 20, 2009

Swat Taliban Offer Osama bin-Laden Safe Haven

This agreement between the Taliban in Swat and Pakistan is going so well, don't you think? The Taliban are already pushing into the neighboring districts. Their goal? All of Pakistan and its looking more and more like they'll get it.

Via Yahoo News:MINGORA, Pakistan Pakistan was trying to end bloodshed when it let the idyllic Swat Valley fall under Islamic law last week. Instead, it has emboldened the Taliban to extend a hand to militants, including Osama bin Laden.

The local spokesman for the Taliban, which control the valley, told The Associated Press he'd welcome militants bent on battling U.S. troops and their Arab allies if they want to settle there.

"Osama can come here. Sure, like a brother they can stay anywhere they want," Muslim Khan said in a two-hour interview Friday, his first with a foreign journalist since Islamic law was imposed. "Yes, we will help them and protect them."

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