April 17, 2009

Cheerleading Coach Fired Over Playboy Pics

Jawa Report; Bringing you the most important news stories of the day.Via The Week:

“Hell hath no fury like a cheerleader scorned,” said Rick Chandler in Deadspin. Girls who were recently cut from the cheerleading squad at Casa Roble High School in Orangevale, Calif., got “revenge” on their coach, 20-year-old Carlie Becker, by “exposing her Playboy modeling activities,” under the name Carlie Christine, to school authorities, who promptly fired her.
I know what you want. More images and links below the fold. (maybe NSFW)

Oh and Go Team!!!! or something.

Update by Rusty: Definitely not safe for work.



More Carlie Christine images here and here.

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