April 16, 2009

Moonbats: The Rise Again: The Coming Civil War in The United States of America.

This is too good to pass up:

Over 20 years ago I wrote a novel called "The Rise Again," about the beginning of a new Civil War in the United States.

I shelved it and forgot about it, because it was very short. The problem was... I got to a point where the war was beginning... but I couldn't see how it would proceed. So I just stopped at the beginning, after about 100 pages.

Now... the rest of the Story is being written for me.

Last night, The Governor of Texas declared that Texas has the right to secede.

A few choice sentences:
How did Governor Rick Perry of Texas help this already bad situation, with his pronouncement?

He didn't. Not at all.

This is NOT over, folks.

Write me nasty comments, that this could not happen here, that there couldn't possibly be another Civil War in the United States... and that I am crazy for thinking so. Do and say whatever you want.

Then keep your television turned on... to see the slow craziness suddenly snowball into right wing open rebellion.

And I can tell you of a certainty how the whole thing will end, or at least part of it.

There will be blood.

A lot of it.

More than you ever dreamed of.

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We have watched tv for years seeing bloodshed and people dying all over the world... except here.

But now it's almost our turn.

Because we have become immune to the realiy of slaughter. It doesn't mean anything to us. We haven't experienced it here.


I urge them to do what people who - like me - hated Bush for eight years did:

Respect the rule of law...

and respect the new President's decisions...

even if you hate him and them.

And before you join the bandwagon and call out for

your state to be "free" of the Union...

And prepare yourselves to take up arms against your neighbors...

Make sure you know what the hell you are about to do...

And what it could cost.

Tax Day Tea Parties/Gov Perry really got to this person. Crazy shite there.

h/t SavannahWinslow

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