April 09, 2009

(Captain Phillips Hostage Situtation Update) Somali Pirates: "Please Pray For Us"

Naturally Reuters are in direct contact with the arseholes holding Captain Phillips hostage:

[...]Reached by Reuters via satellite phone, the pirates on the lifeboat sounded desperate as they watched a US warship and other foreign naval vessels close to them. "We are surrounded by warships and don't have time to talk," one said. "Please pray for us."[...]
Sorry aresholes, my prayers are for the captain.

Update: Here is Howie's prayer:

OK not problem.

Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

Please make our sailors aim right and true as they target these terrorist pirates.

Protect Captain Phillips as the frog men slit the throats of the remaining four.

In Jesus' name.


The pirates are sending in their troops

In Haradheere port, a pirate stronghold, an associate of the gang said the gunmen were armed and ready to defend themselves.

"Our friends are still holding the captain but they cannot move, they are afraid of the warships," he told Reuters. "We want a ransom and of course the captain is our shield. The warships might not destroy the boat as long as he is on board." Pirates there said two boats full of gunmen had left the port to go and support their surrounded colleagues. "We are afraid warships will destroy them before they reach the scene," one told Reuters. -

Brazen little bastages aren't they?

Update: Interesting article at the Guardian with more detailed info: Somali pirates pick on the wrong ship.

Update II: USS Halyburton (pictured) is on it's way to join the warship Bainbridge.Some leftist such as Democratic Underground(whom I won't link) are associating the name to Halliburton/Cheney. Making jokes as if the fate of this captain doesn't matter. Sick bastages.

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