April 08, 2009

Good News: Canadian Jihadi Killed in Somalia

We had previously reported that a Canadian is on trial in Somalia, but the news just gets better and better: a Canadian citizen is said to have been shot by Ethiopian troops.

His name is Abdullahi Ali Afrah, and he was once part of the ruling ICU but was more recently a leader in the al Qaeda affiliated Shabaab offshoot. So, this is someone who went to Somalia years ago to help establish the Islamic State. Too bad it took so long for him to meet his demise.

His story reminds me of an American named Dr. Ibrahim Hassan Addou who, like Afrah, was also a leader of the Islamic Courts Union. A man who once lived in the West -- in fact, he worked at The American University in Washington, D.C. -- but returned to Somalia to help the ICU in its efforts to Talibanize the country. Has any one heard from the traitor Addou lately?

The whole story is worth the read and has more details about how the traitor is said to have met death, but here's a teaser:

A former Toronto man who had joined Somalia's fundamentalist insurgents was shot dead by Ethiopian troops after he was surrounded and refused to surrender, rebel sources said yesterday.

The sources, who did not want to be identified because they did not have permission to speak, confirmed that Canadian Abdullahi Ali Afrah was killed on Tuesday during an attack on Ethiopian troops.

I love the smell of dead jihadi in the morning!

If all the traitors who went to Somalia to join the jihad would just die, then I'd personally buy each and every one a one-way ticket. Too bad that before dying a few of them manage to kill. Otherwise, it would be win-win.

Thanks to Steve Schippert.

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