April 08, 2009

American Based Jihad Magazine Analyzed

Two serious looks at Samir Khan's Jihad Recollections, the first major English language pro-al Qaeda magazine which, I'll remind you once again, was produced right here in the US.

I say major now because I've been reminded that at Tibyan has already produced a jihad mag in English. It might be splitting hairs, but it seems to me that what at Tibyan was really doing was just translating pre-existing jihadi material and then compiling that with the look of a magazine. In any event, Jihad Recollections is much more polished and contains original essays.

The most comprehensive review of Khan's al Fursan production is by Jarrett Brachman. Dr. Brachman plans to go over the publication page by page and he's already provided some history of Khan's media jihad as background. Just pop over the home page and keep checking back as he posts new analysis (loaded with snark directed at Sammy).

The second look at Jihad Recollections is by Thomas Hegghammer over at Jihadica. He notes the high production value of the publication and speculates, given the language structure of it, that it was produced in North America.

No need to speculate, Tom. Al Fursan is Samir Khan's personal attempt at replicating the work of groups like GIMF. And as we all know, he's in Charlotte.

We also now know, thanks to self promotion over at Revolution Muslim, that Yousef Khattab's street dawa buddy Younus Abdullah Muhammad, who lives in New York, was also involved in its production:

Al-Fursan presents the new jihadi magazine Jihad Recollections. In this inaugural edition, revolutionmuslim.com's chief analyst, Younus Abdullah Muhammad, wrote the lead article.
I'm guessing that at least one other author is in Ireland and that most of the others can be found hanging around Sammy's forum. Thanks to Howie.

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