April 08, 2009

Iran Charges Roxana Saberi With Spying

roxanasaberi.jpgOutrageous! Roxana has been held for months with no one allowed to contact her. She was at first accused of buying wine, alcohol is prohibited in Iran. Now the *cough*revolutionary*kangaroo*court*cough* has accused her of espionage and says she has already confessed.

VIA AFP: TEHRAN (AFP) US-Iranian journalist Roxana Saberi, who has been detained in a notorious Tehran prison since January, has been charged with spying, deputy prosecutor Hassan Haddad said on Wednesday.

"Her case has been sent to the revolutionary court. She, without press credentials, was carrying out spying activities under the guise of being a reporter," Haddad was quoted as saying by the ISNA news agency.

"The evidence is mentioned in her case papers and she has accepted all the charges. She has been arrested under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

The decision to charge the journalist comes despite calls by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her release and US President Barack Obama extending diplomatic overtures towards Iran.

Her father is in Iran and was allowed to see her finally this week. He says her confession is invalid and was made under duress.

Iran needs to release Roxana Saberi immediately and allow her to return to the US. I've placed this post under the category hostages because in effect, Roxana Saberi, is being held by the Islamist "revolutionary" branch of the Iranian government.

UPDATE by Rusty: Cristi has related thoughts here.

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