April 07, 2009

Reader Love Mail: We Dim Witted Savages Edition

Hey, leave my friend Vinnie alone!!!11!!!111

Via "We" in Jawa Comments

You stupid, little dim witted savage. You wouldn't recognize nobility if if punched you in the snout. Muslims had medical universities, medical licensure while Europe was outlawing surgery (that only barbers practiced anyway). Your most powerful country on the planet can't secure one single lley in beaten down, impoverished war torn sanctioned Baghdad. I am forwarding your particulars right now, when they find you, you will whimper and cry (and gurgle), you will feel a lot of pain inshaallah.
Well I'll be darned! That looks like a Fatwa!

I didn't even know Rsluty could play ;)

update by Francisco

Come get us, chumps.


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