April 07, 2009

We Told You: Taliban Decide Not to Kill Pro-Taliban Canadian Traitor

Seriously, what moron didn't see this one coming from a mile away? After "holding" the woman behind the pro-terror Jihad Unspun website for months and threatening to behead her if ransom wasn't paid, the Taliban have decided that maybe they won't kill Beverly Giesbrecht after all.

Thank you Canada for not caving in to the obvious ruse for Beverly, who calls herself Khadija Abdul Qahaar online, to help raise money for the Taliban.

All along I've hemmed and hawed and hedged my bets about this. Not wanting Bev to be killed only to find out that the morons who run the Taliban have never heard of Jihad Unspun and so thought they were killing another Zionist-Crusader.

But the decision by the Taliban to not kill Beverly Giesbrecht, even without getting the $375,000 ransom, pretty much seals it in my mind: the whole thing was an elaborate ruse to make money for her beloved "freedom fighters" -- as she liked to call the barbarians of the Taliban.

You'll notice that the Taliban spokesman cited is named "Qari". No doubt this is Qari Youssef Mohammad, the Taliban's normal spokesman. Qari and I are old buddies.

As a matter of fact if the Taliban are so benevolent, Qari, then there is the little matter of that other American hostage you are holding. How about releasing him you mother-f*cking barbarians? Show how nice you are and score some good PR points.

On to the report. Globe and Mail:

“After broad-based consultations, the Shura [leadership council] has postponed indefinitely the plan to kill the woman,” said Qari, a close associate of Taliban commander Gul Bahadur who asked to be identified by his first name only....

“For the time being, we failed to patch up the deal to secure her release,” said a tribal elder who is part of the negotiation team and who did not want his name revealed. “But I am optimistic she will be freed.”

When Beverly finally comes home to Canada, if she doesn't issue an immediate mea culpa about how she was so wrong about the Taliban being freedom fighters and how they really are the terrorists -- not the U.S. and Canadian military who she liked to call "the real terrorists" -- then so help me God I hope one of those Canadian kangaroo courts that are always bringing up right-wing bloggers on "hate speech" charges for saying that maybe Islam isn't so peaceful brings her up on those same charges. Better yet, when was the last time Canada tried someone for treason? Yeah, that would be awesome!

Thanks to Alex.

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