April 07, 2009

Bad News: Fat Bastard Traitor Adam Gadahn in New Video

UPDATE 3/13/2009: The video has now been released. We have the video and a description of it posted here: American Traitor Adam Gadahn 3/12/09 Video

Word from IntelCenter that a new al Qaeda video featuring America's only indicted traitor, Adam Gadahn, is going to be aired on al Jazeera. The name of the video is, "So That the Gaza Holocaust is Not Repeated."

Gadahn, born Jewish and originally named Adam Pearlman, seems to want to use his Jewish cred in an effort to slime the state of Israel.

Oddly, the doesn't seem to have been passed through the normal channels of al Qaeda's online distribution organization, the al Fajr media center. Normally Fat Bastard releases his videos on the internet. In fact, there was widespread speculation that the Orange County, California native ran al Qaeda's as Sahab video production arm until sometime last year.

Even the most recent audios from Osama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri, both as Sahab productions, were released via al Fajr to the Islamist forums. Why Gadahn has chosen to go this route is any one's guess.

Hopefully, the video will be Gadahn's last will and testament and we'll hear that he has martyred himself in Somalia or some other location al Qaeda is currently vying for.

If there was one person on Earth I'd like to see killed, it would be Gadahn. Not that he's responsible for as many murders as the likes of, say, Khalid Shiekh Mohammad, but he's one of us. He's a traitor. He was raised in California for chrissake. You can't blame his upbringing. He chose to convert to radical Islam. He's a traitor. In my theology, traitors have a special place in hell.

Consider this a heads up about something coming down the pipeline. If you see the video before we do, do me a favor and drop me a line.

Thanks to Laura Mansfield.

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