April 06, 2009

Time Up: Did Taliban Murder Pro-Taliban Activist Beverly Giesbrecht

The Taliban threatened to murder pro-Taliban activist Beverly Giesbrecht (aka, Khadija Abdul Qahaar), who they have been holding hostage for several months, by the end of March if their ransom demands were not met. Then, when that deadline past, the Taliban gave Beverly's home country, Canada, another five days to cough up the money so that she could be freed to return home where she could continue to spew the vilest propaganda imaginable.

That "final" deadline past yesterday. The $375,000 question -- the amount the Taliban have demanded as ransom -- is whether or not the Taliban have lived up to their threats and killed Beverly Giesbrecht?

Let me make one thing very clear: I do not wish any harm to Beverly at the hands of the Taliban. Hopefully she has learned her lesson -- unfortunately the hard way --- about who the Taliban really are and what they really represent. If Beverly is murdered by the Taliban, she is a victim. A victim of her own making, but a victim nonetheless.

I hope she's freed alive and without ransom which would undoubtedly be used to fund terrorism.

I have to dig deep to find some sympathy for her, but somewhere down there is a Sunday School lesson about praying for those that spitefully use you. Certainly this is an apt description of a woman who's specialty was denouncing American and Canadian efforts against terrorists.

There is one caveat here: what if this is a ruse by Beverly Giesbrecht? She's been openly pro-Taliban on her website for years.

I think that sentiment comes out in Steve Emerson's comments on the matter in this Fox News story:

"I think and this is just based on logic and rationale it just doesn't make sense that they would threaten to kill her unless they get money, when she's been such use to them spreading their word in the Western world."
Of course, that assumes her Taliban captors were fans of Jihad Unspun. Pardon the prejudice, but my vision of your average member of the Taliban is that they spend about as much time surfing the internet as they do bathing.

If this is some sort of elaborate ruse, then I expect that she's alive and well and that her wish to return to Canada has more to do with her material comfort than with her love of liberty. In that case, I hope the Canadians find some cajones and arrest her as she gets off the airplane.

And if she happens to be on the receiving end of a Predator strike, all the better.

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