April 05, 2009

Good News: First U.S. Based Pro-al Qaeda Magazine Released

It's called Jihad Recollections and is a production of Charlotte, NC al Qaeda supporter Samir Khan's self-styled jihad media company, as-Fursan. You can download a PDF version at the links provided by Sammy here.

The magazine is 70 pages of the same kind of garbage that you'd expect from al Qaeda itself, and certainly not from an American living in North Carolina. It seems to be imitating several other jihad magazines, which started with al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's Voice of Jihad.

In addition to links to al Qaeda produced videos all within a clear context of support (note to Sammy: many of your links don't work. Better luck embedding them next time) It includes two English feature length articles by al Qaeda's #1 and #2: Four Practical Steps to Expand the Global Jihad, by Osama bin Laden, and Have We Forgotten Who Is America?, by Ayman al-Zawahiri and Nasir al-Fahd.


Another article is a translation of an al-Qaeda produced video extolling the virtues of former operational leader Abu Laith al-Libi.

There's some fairly laughable poetry, articles about getting in shape (do I look fat in this bomb belt?), what appear to be advertisements but are really links to al Qaeda videos and sermons by the likes of American jihad supporter living in exile Anwar al-Awlaki.

Sammy's authors also warn Muslims in the West not to integrate and there is even an article predicting that Islam will one day conquer Rome. Don't worry, the author seems to mention Rome only metaphorically. In fact, by Rome he seems to mean either Saudi Arabia or the United States (Yes, it's that poorly written and is filled with the quotes from Osama bin Laden and an odd assortment of conspiracy theorists.)

The most worrisome articles, though, aren't the two aimed at teaching wanna-be terrorists about the technologies behind EMP and night-vision --- even though we are told that "through war booty, we can expect to see more mujahideen using night vision in their strategies." No, I think the most worrisome article is one entitled Principles of Guerrilla Warfare.


Clearly the point of the magazine is to gain sympathy for al Qaeda, the Taliban, Shabaab, and any other violent Islamist terrorist organizations (except, of course, Shia terrorists who Sammy claims are murtadeen [apostates]).

I'm not sure what allowing the likes of Samir Khan --- and whoever his coauthors are --- to vocally support the enemies of the United States and to incite others during a shooting war to lend support to those enemies [note, though, that while Samir encourages others to go off and fight the kaffir Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan -- reminding Muslims of the personal obligation of jihad -- that he conveniently writes this from an affluent suburban Charlotte home from the comfort of mommy and daddy's basement] says about where our country has gone?

Is this a sign of the complete wussification of America that we allow traitors to walk around as if the founding principles of the country were laid out by Benedict Arnold?

Or is this a sign of strength that people like Khan are so fringe that no matter how loudly and directly they support our enemies in a time of war, that the likelihood of actual incitement is so small from their words that ignoring them as crackpots really is the best policy?

Part of me wants to say the latter, but I'm haunted by images of Americans fighting in Somalia who were convinced that it was their duty to go kill infidels by words just like those found in Samir's magazine.

And also by an old TV interview of a man handing out pro-Cuban propaganda and who appeared to be a quack. Turned out he was a quack. His name was Lee Harvey Oswald. Sometimes quack and dangerous are not mutually exclusive categories.

Hat tip: Jennifer.

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