April 03, 2009

Islamist Video: First We Conquer Somalia, Then On to Conquer Spain!

Think Islamist extremists don't have their eyes on conquering Europe? Think again.

This video produced by Ibnul Akwa links the recent successes of Shabaab in Somalia and of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb in Western North Africa with the eventual reconquista of Spain.

There's nothing original here -- the video is stock footage from GIMF produced Shabaab and AQIM propaganda -- other than linking Islamist movements in Africa to the eventual conquering of Spain. I wouldn't even link it other than to serve as a not-so-gentle reminder of the mindset of those we are fighting. And I don't mean the terrorists in Somalia and Algeria, I mean right here in the U.S. and in Europe.

Ibnul Akwa, who made the video, supports al Qaeda and lives in the West.

UPDATE: For some reason I got East and West mixed up. In my mind, I could see Western North Africa, but somehow I labeled it Eastern North Africa. My bad. We'll chalk it up to map dyslexia or something.

Videos below

Part I

Part II

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