April 02, 2009

Former Jew Praises Osama bin Laden, Incites Terrorism

Jewish convert to Islam, Joseph Cohen (aka, Yousef al-Khattab), seems to be less mindful of what he posts at his website lately.

Cohen has consistently played the game of non-denial denials against the accusation that he supports al Qaeda and terrorism. Usually he falls just short of openly praising Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda, and he always denies supporting terrorism, but it's always been clear where his allegiances and sympathies lie.

When asked by Fox News if he supported terrorism he said that he did not.

The way these games are played are by defining terrorism down: terrorism = killing Muslims; killing non-Muslims = defensive war.

Recall that in an interview with Jawa Radio he said, when I asked him directly if he supported Osama bin Laden, "I neither deny nor confirm it".

Another example: In one post he asked readers to pray for the Taliban, but then noted "I neither support nor condone the Taliban."

Remember, this is a guy that first got our attention by using an image of the statue of liberty with an axe in it for his website's logo.

But for the last few years, as the heat and scrutiny have gradually increased -- most recently as threats against Jewish schools and synagogues have been connected to Khattab -- he's turned the rhetoric down.

But not now. He's back and in classic form.

In a post about an audio statement from Osama bin Laden about the obligation for Muslims to liberate Gaza, Khattab's website posts this:

We ask that Allah (SWT) protect and preserve this noble shaikh [ed note: ie, Osama bin Laden] and steam roll the kaffir leaders and ulama that support them.

Let the Demonstrations be followed by Blasts!!!

Then in the comments of the post Yousef responds to a question about whether or not Osama bin Laden should be considered the leader of the Muslim army:
As per the statement that Sheikh Usama h.a. will lead the army Allah HuAlem (Allah Knows Best), I can not confirm that. I think it would be a ideal scenario :)

Akhouk Yousef al-Khattab

Got to love the smiley face for emphasis.

Just another post in a long series noting what a traitor Joey Cohen is. Keep an eye on him. I don't think he has the balls to be the guy actually pulling the trigger, but you never know.

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