April 01, 2009

Shabaab: New HQ Video Shows American Leading al Qaeda in Somalia Attacks [Who is Abu Mansoor al-Amriki?]


A new high quality video released by the media wing (GIMF) of the al-Shabaab Youth Mujahideen Movement shows an American leading al Qaeda aligned troops in Somalia. Previous videos and statements from al-Shabaab have shown Abu Mansoor al-Amriki, but only with his face covered.

Here is a close up. Any one recognize the traitor? I'd really like a name if you have it. At the forums, all the bros are saying he's "white". He looks Arab to me.


Several portions of the video indicate that there may be other Americans or non-Arab speakers more comfortable with English involved with Shabaab. We've known this for some time, but it's interesting nonetheless.

The video shows Abu Mansoor "preparing" the troops for a 2008 battle by extolling the virtues of jihad in English to men gathered around him. Either the sermon he is giving is for the cameras only, or his men speak English better than Arabic since Abu Mansoor also speaks Arabic in the video from time to time.

Another interesting tidbit is that there is a voiceover for parts of the video. For instance, the rather lame pro-jihad raps. The voice has a distinctly urban African American accent.

Since the media wing of Shabaab is The Global Islamic Media Front, it seems likely that if we want to find the propagandist responsible for the video we should be looking for an African-American convert to Islam living in the United States.

A subtitle also uses the plural "they" when describing Shabaab fighters who came to Somalia from the West to fight. One of the three fighters shown speaks in English with a slight accent which sounds African, but their faces are covered. It seems we have found some of our missing Somali refugees who spent their teenage years in Minneapolis.

A significant portion of the video shows some pretty bad footage of what is claimed is an attack on a convoy near Baidoa. Here, after the obligatory "Allahu akhbar" shouts, a voice can be heard yelling "Let's go! Let's go!"

The "attack" is nothing more than a few gunshots then an "order for a tactical retreat" [read, "Runaway! Runaway!"]. I especially love Abu Mansoor's narration of the attack and his description of a guy trying to fire an RPG that malfunctioned. He knelt for 12 seconds and then ran back after firing no shots. An act of "heroism" says Mansoor who says the 12 seconds [yes, I timed it] was "a really long time" and a sign of "bravery". Right. Then, RUNAWAY!!

Oh, and then the guy died. Hahahahahaha!

I'll end this post with an observation: this is the most sophisticated video editing job I've ever seen in a jihadi video. I'll let Samir Khan's comments on it speak to that:

The big difference however is that this release is completely geared towards the Muslims in the West. Everything from the English Anasheed to the Movie-like jihad videos spell out that al-Shabab is opening their arms to the Muslims in the West. The brothers in this video are speaking English; interestingly, its not a British accent. Rather, it sounds like they are from America.

Thirdly, having experience in the media jihad field myself, I can see that the media sector of al-Shabab is experimenting with Adobe After Effects/Premiere. This is a good sign as it shows that the media Jihad is experimenting with the latest software to attract more Muslims to the cause....

Anyways, the fact that their media sector is experimenting with these kind of programs tell us that if one has a certain skill, you can bet that will be used for the benefit of the Jihad.

Is that an admission by Samir that he is involved in the jihad?

I notice that the very last frame of the video gives Shabaab's official website. No, it's no longer there ;-)

Inshallah, we should have the video up soon.

UPDATE: Important, and funny, observation by Bored:

before the attack..he says: "We are going to kill them and take their "booty" or gear orsomething to that extent.

Then after he is all about this "planned" retreat.
Hum....no mention of it before....

Just sayin


UPDATE: The entire video is below. It's in English.

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