March 31, 2009

Babe Teacher Shows Thong

Natasha Gray6.jpg(Cambridge, England) Back in 2002, a 23-year-old British beauty, Natasha Gray, was named Britain's sexiest teacher after winning a phone-in competition promoted by a television program.

As a result, Miss Gray qualified to compete in a competition with six other professionals to determine "Britain's Sexiest" overall. Unfortunately, Miss Gray lost the top prize for Britain's Sexiest to a fitness instructor. However, she moved on with her life and started work as a PE and dance teacher at Manor Community College in Cambridge a mere two weeks later.

Seven years hence and the now 30-year-old Miss Gray is not only a teacher but she also moonlights as a model, causing some trouble. Her provocative photos in thongs and other revealing underwear are available on the Internet at the website A disgusted parent complained and, as a result, the principal of manor Community College has promised that Miss Gray will be reprimanded.

I honestly don't know what the big deal is but the story is all over the British media. NSFW pic below the fold.

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Natasha Gray2.jpg
Natasha Gray

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