March 28, 2009

The Moochers Are Speaking

Remember the snippet from "Atlas Shrugged" I posted a few days ago? The one that taught the value of money, and about the looters and moochers.

The moochers are out in force in Europe.

"If we can generate fabulous wealth, as we can, then surely we can learn how to distribute that wealth more fairly. If we can unleash a technological revolution then surely we can ensure that everyone on this planet gets the food, the shelter and the health care that they need," he said.

Well, you can't redistribute wealth that won't be created by people who don't care to have their wealth redistributed, you idiot.

Did I say moochers? Yes, yes I did:

"The whole economic meltdown ... There's a really good opportunity for governments to get together and invest in a sustainable future," said unemployed Steve Burson, 49.

Security was tight around a small group of people waving anarchist flags Saturday. They and others have promised violence before the G20 meeting Thursday, and the British capital is bracing for a massive police operation as delegates fly in to London.

"We've got a long week ahead," said Christian Evans, 40, an anarchist supporter flanked by black and red flags in London. "The streets are our streets."

Yes, the chronically unemployed, who don't pay taxes and have all kinds of free time to protest, own the streets built with taxpayer money.


Oh, and for the person who asked in an earlier thread, no, I'm not the Jawa co-blogger Ragnar. I just admire the way that Francisco pwned The People's State of Mexico in the book.

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