April 01, 2009

Official Taliban Websites Hosted in Los Angeles, Houston, Canada[PWN3D BY JAWA]

Updated by Howie 04/01/09: The Jawas, with your help, have totally PWNED the Taliban once again. The Planet has removed the last of the Taliban websites. Please, no more complaints to hosts. The porn emails to the Taliban? That's cool.


Hey Adil (taliban webmaster)...

We see those other freewebtown sites as well. We'll be back for those later.

Begin original post, with updates

I'm sick of sitting by the sidelines, letting others have all the fun. Yeah, we've known about the "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan's" (that would be the Taliban's) new website, "The Voice of Jihad", for some time.

I can no longer resist the urge to mess with them. And since the website's urls are becoming fairly widely known, I think it's about time that we show these bastards who owns the intertubes.

A reminder that providing business services, even free ones, to the Taliban violates the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA). Each IEEPA violation of carries a fine of up to $250,000.

These businesses generally use automated web based forms and so are probably unaware that they are breaking federal law and U.N. Security Council Resolutions by dealing with the Taliban. Please contact them through the e-mails or telephone numbers listed below with the information that they are violating U.S. and international law and let them know who it is they are giving an internet platform to.

As a bonus we've included the e-mails of several members of the Taliban. Do with them as you see fit.

Remember, the "Voice of Jihad" websites are the Taliban's OFFICIAL websites and are OFFICIAL propaganda outlets for the Taliban's OFFICIAL spokesmen, Qari Youssef Muhammad and Zabihullah Mujahid. The IEAP website is another OFFICIAL website which is under the direction of Abdul Wasay, (aka, Mullah Agha Jan Mu'Tasim) the former finance minister for the Taliban and current head of the "political commission". Wasay/Mutasim is currently on the UN Security Council's sanction list.

But even if it wasn't against federal and international law to provide business services to the Taliban, it is highly immoral. We, the United States and Canada, are at war with the Taliban. Every day members of the Taliban attempt to kill NATO troops. Some days they succeed.

Propaganda spread on the internet is one tool that the Taliban uses to distort the truth, gain sympathy, lower our morale, raise money, and recruit new footsoldiers. These websites are one tool the Taliban uses to kill our sons, daughters, friends and neighbors. These American and Canadian companies are unknowingly and unwittingly giving the Taliban some of the necessary tools they need to prolong the war.

There is a moral imperative for these web providers to discontinue doing business with the Taliban. Once known, to not act is akin to treason.

Here it is, the official website for the Taliban:
Pashtun: http://alemarah1.com/
English: http://www.alemarah1.com/indexeng.htm
Houston, TX
RAbusePhone: 1-281-714-3560
RAbuseEmail: abuse@theplanet.com

Taliban email: alemarah1@gmail.com <----sign up "Adil Watanmal" for any porn featuring sheep

Official website of the Taliban's "Political Committee".


UPDATE: The Taliban's "Political Committee" website has lost DNS!

Pashtun: http://www.ieapc.net/
English: http://www.ieapc.net/english/
OC3 Networks & Web Solutions
Los Angeles, CA
RTechPhone: 1-213-614-9371
RTechEmail: sysop@oc3networks.com
Support: support@oc3networks.com
Support ph: 1-877-623-6389

Taliban email: kitabtoon@gmail.com <----sign up "Nazeer Ahmed" for gay porn

Alternate Pashtun "Voice of Jihad" URL: http://www.shahamat.org/
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Southfield, Michigan
Amray: registration@amray.net
Amray Abuse: http://www.amrayhosting.com/mail/mform.php
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Thanks for the heads up from nutme in comments.
Taliban e-mail: rayhamat@live.ca


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