March 25, 2009

Dumbest Congresswoman on Earth Gets to the Bottom of...Nothing

Even Turbo Tax Geitner can't keep a straight face when the Thor's Hammer of financial intellect - Maxine "There is no problem with Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac" Waters (D) - tries and fails to "grill" Obama's Treasury secretary.

So you have what is perhaps the stupidest idiot in the Democrat Congress (in a strong field of contenders) trying to blame the financial crisis on a "cabal" of eeeevil capitalists/Joos/Neocons (of which no evidence verifying the existence thereof can be found). Or something.

I'm off now to try to recover the IQ points I just lost listening to the unintelligible psychobabble Rep. Waters (D) vomited unto creation.

And upon further consideration, perhaps we will need the extra education dollars to recover the collective IQ points of the nation, because it is evident that every time the Democrats or the Obama Administration opens their fat collective pie holes, everyone in the room gets dumber for having heard what falls out.

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