March 24, 2009

Alexandria, Virginia: We Don't Want GITMO Detainees Here


Apparently the historic vibrant community had a taste of what happens during a terrorist trial:
An outcry is growing in Alexandria over a prospect no one seems to like: terrorist suspects in the suburbs.

"We would be absolutely opposed to relocating Guantanamo prisoners to Alexandria," Mayor William D. Euille (D) said. "We would do everything in our power to lobby the president, the governor, the Congress and everyone else to stop it. We've had this experience, and it was unpleasant. Let someone else have it."

The 2006 death penalty trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, who was convicted of conspiring in the terrorist attacks of Sept, 11, 2001, turned the neighborhood into a virtual encampment, with heavily armed agents, rooftop snipers, bomb-sniffing dogs, blocked streets, identification checks and a fleet of television satellite trucks.

President Obama has vowed to close Guantanamo by January, and the government is reviewing files on the roughly 240 detainees. The administration has strongly indicated that some will be transferred to federal courts, and a senior Justice Department official recently named Alexandria, along with Manhattan, as possible destinations.

John Murtha has stated he would be more than willing to house GITMO prisoners in Pennsylvania. I would imagine his constituents will be thrilled if this indeed happened.

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