March 23, 2009

Pakistan: Mullah Omar not in Baluchistan but in Afghanistan so don't bother sending your Predator drones here

How can Pakistan be so sure that Mullah Omar is not in Baluchistan? Pakistan knows Mullah Omar is not in Afghanistan but they are desperate to stop the Predator Drone strikes that have decimated al Qaida's leadership over the past year.

Over the weekend when Leon Panetta, director of the CIA, met President Asif Ali Zardari he was asked to halt drone aircraft attacks on the country’s tribal regions. Panetta probably told them that isn't going to happen so now the Pakistanis are reverting to propaganda in a bid to stop the effective Predator Drone strikes.

But why is the Pakistani government so worried about the Predator drone strikes all of a sudden? In 2006 and 2007, the US military had to ask for permission from the Pakistani government before they could launch a Predator strike. But now, the CIA and US military is skipping the Pakistani government and just going in for the kill. The Pakistanis can no longer warn their taliban proxies about imminent Predator strikes and that's what makes them so anxious IMO.


Taliban leader Mullah Muhammed Omar is not in Pakistan's southwestern Baluchistan province, a senior official said Friday, and urged the United States not to carry out missile attacks in the region.

The New York Times reported this week that U.S. officials are weighing extending missile strikes into Baluchistan in pursuit of Taliban and al-Qaida leaders who have shifted from militant strongholds farther north.[...]

Islamabad has challenged the United States to provide it with any evidence of Omar's whereabouts, insisting Pakistani forces will immediately move against the fugitive Taliban chief.

The head of the Baluchistan provincial government insisted Friday that Mullah Omar was not there.

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