March 23, 2009

Romanian Babe Auctions Virginity

Jungfrau_18.jpg(Caracal, Romania) An 18-year-old Romanian student, Alina Percea, has posted an ad on a German-language dating website to auction her virginity. Miss Percea says,

"I am a 108lbs, 5.67 ft tall, brown-eyed Romanian girl. I don't smoke and own a certificate from a gynaecologist which says I am a virgin. I want my first time to be special and not very abrupt."
Obviously, Miss Percea wants to deter any abrupters (abruptionists?) from bidding.

Miss Percea has expressed hopes of receiving 50,000 euros for her nontoxic asset with the added bonus of maybe finding a husband. Unfortunately, with three days remaining in the auction, the going bid for her precious flower is a mere 5,033 euros.

Prospective bidders for Miss Percea should follow this link. She is identified as Jungfrau18. Miss Percea also adds:

P.S.: Ich möchte das Auktionsgeld gerne dafür nutzen, um auf die Hochschule zu gehen, aber wenn ich über die gesext-Auktion mein Glück und meine Zukunft fände, wäre das natürlich auch toll.
I think that means she is still in high school. (more)

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