March 11, 2009

A Gift For The Filthy Traitor Inshallahshaheed

AKA Samir Z Khan, AKA Abu Risaas, AKA Abu Jabbal, AKA Abu H****n AKA Mommy's little headache.....Since mommy is tired and works hard cleaning up after you, we thought we'd try and help out. A nice gesture might be to help out around the house. Maybe cook dinner now and then. That way you can show how much you care that mommy takes the time to wash your underpants. And what could be better than this awesome Porkgasm?!!?

Bacon strips, bacon sausage, ham sausage, ham slices, smoked pork sausage and roasted pork belly surrounded by ground sausage shaped into a pig, wrapped in bacon and roasted. Garnished with chili ears and tail.

Hmmmm, mmmmmm!!!! Hope Mrs. Khan enjoys it.

P.S. Oh and your blog is down.....again....and your video on youtube....Just letting you know, cause we like to be all kind and helpful and stuff.

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