March 09, 2009

Shabaab Whips Rapists, Rapist Laughs it Off

100 lashes each from al Qaeda's Somali affiliate for the four teens who "confessed" to raping an 18 year old girl. But look closely. Is that guy, smiling?

Here's a translation from one of the brothers:

Four Somali boys accused of raping a young girl of 18 years have been flogged in Mogadishu on Monday by al-Shabab Islamists.

The flogging took place in Maslah Compound in the north of the city where a lot of people went to watch the boys being flogged.

Sheik Abdi Haqa, a judge of al-Shabab said every boy war sentenced to hit 100 lashes because of the raping. They did not deserve to execute because they did not become married before according to the sharia.

The boys were accused of raping the girl in Mogadishu and were sentenced to extradite from Banadir region to other regions.

Sheik Ali Mohamed Hussein one of al-Shabab leaders said the whipping was part of the implementing of Sharia in the country.

One of the teenagers said he was happy with the verdict.

The guy shown above must be the one who was happy with the verdict.

So, is the judge saying that what appears to be a fairly minor lashing was imposed because the victim wasn't married or because the rapists weren't married?

In either case, isn't it rather barbaric to know that adultery will get you the death penalty, but not rape?

Compare that to what they do to you for converting to Christianity, or stealing or if you are, Allah forbid, the rape victim.

Image source: Shabelle.

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