March 07, 2009

TWO Female Teachers and One Boy

The stories of female teachers and other educators having sex with students have become commonplace with probably more than 100 websites devoting time reporting and following the individual cases.

We've seen instances of female teachers having sex with not only one student but many. I recall one case where a female teacher mixed it up with five grade school boys and another one where the teacher did the school baseball team. Female teachers have even kidnapped students and fled to parts unknown including Mexico. Same-sex offenses are noticeable but the majority are heterosexual.

In any event, the latest twist in the soap opera world of teacher-student sex stories would be the adventures of a 13-year-old junior high school boy in Utah who was allegedly forced into sex by TWO of his female teachers, both 30-something. And, as astonishing as it seems, neither teacher was aware of the other.

One must wonder what taboo will next be violated. (more)

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