March 07, 2009

Protest the Facebook Jihad

I was actually invited to join the group that was hacked some time ago. Like I've said over and over at my Facebook account, I don't join groups or causes -- don't take it personally, I just get way too many requests to sort through them all.

Since I was kind of at the forefront of the MySpace and then Facebook jihad, I feel kind of bad for letting this slip by. I think I got an email about the hacking. It was one of those things that got sent on a weekend when I was away and that I meant to link but it just got lost in the clutter. Sorry. Count me in on the protest.

Let me also say that as bad as MySpace and Facebook are at promoting jihad social networking, that they pale in comparison to Google's Orkutz network, which is kind of like the South Asian equivalent of Facebook.

Here's the joint statement put out by David Horowitz & Robert Spencer:

The David Horowitz Freedom Center is calling upon all supporters of freedom of speech and of Israel to join in its protest against Facebook, the Internet social networking site. Facebook has allowed a group of hackers who openly support the terrorist group Hizballah to take over and destroy what was once the largest pro-Israel site on Facebook. In a blunt act of internet censorship, Facebook added insult to injury by disabling the account of that site’s creator, 14-year-old Todd Snider.

Snider established the Facebook group called “I Wonder How Quickly I Can Find 1,000,000 People Who Support Israel,” in July 2008. By February 2009 it was Facebook’s largest pro-Israel site, with over 180,000 members.

But on February 15, 2009, Snider’s Facebook group was hacked and destroyed by a pro-Hizballah group calling itself “Lebanese Shee’a Hackers.” The hackers completely erased the original site content and replaced it with threatening, obscenity-laced pro-jihad, anti-Israel propaganda datelined Bint Jbeil, South Lebanon: “DEAR ADMINS, DON’T WASTE MY AND YOUR TIME , LEAVE THIS GROUP ITS BETTER FOR BOTH THIS IS THE LAST TIME ILL EDIT YOU INFO , NEXT TIME…”

Facebook allowed the hackers to destroy Snider’s site, answering his repeated entreaties for help with blandly evasive form letters.

And now, after the appearance on March 6 of an article about the incident in (“Facebook Jihad” by Robert Spencer), Facebook has taken the additional step of disabling Snider’s account altogether, capitulating to the jihadi hackers and accusing Snider himself of “misusing” Facebook’s “features.”

Facebook’s outrageous action is not only an assault on free speech and internet freedom and a breach of its own social networking protocols, but also appeasement of a group of hackers who have invaded Facebook’s space and who openly avow their support for the jihad terrorist group Hizballah.

We therefore urge all Facebook members who oppose Islamist terror and internet censorship to contact the site administrators through the Facebook contact form, and all others to join us in protesting against Facebook’s outrageous behavior by writing to

You know what to do.

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