March 05, 2009

Human Rights or Anti-Americanism?

Kurdish human rights activist Falah Muradkhin Shakaram reacts to a German member of parliament who once compared George Bush to Hitler visiting Kurdistan. Where, asks Shakaram, was Herta Däubler-Gmelin as thousands of Iraqis were being gassed by Saddam Hussein? Where was she, post-invasion, when Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's al Qaeda in Iraq was systematically murdering any one who looked too Western?

Agitating for human rights and peace is often just a cover for lightly veiled anti-Americanism. Däubler-Gmelin and the German delegation didn't even bother to visit any of the Kurdish memorials and museums marking this forgotten genocide. Shakaram writes:

And after 2003, it was people like her – and so many others in Europe – that showed no concern for the changes and developments underway in Iraq. We did not have the impression that the terror unleashed by Al-Qaeda upon the people of Iraq gave them any sleepless nights either. On the contrary, for years they seemed to welcome the suffering of the Iraqis as proof that the overthrow of Saddam Hussein had been a mistake.
Indeed, that impression is shared by many.

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