March 02, 2009

Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah


In Malasia a ban is being re-imposed on Christians using Allah in their publication unless they insert the words "for Christians"

Muslims may accidentally read Christian publications, oh the horror!

Kuala Lumpur, Mar.1 : The Malaysian Government has re-imposed a ban on Christian publications from using the word 'Allah.'

Malaysian Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar has said that the government will seek cancellation of the February 16 gazette, which said that Christian publications could use the word 'Allah' provided the words 'For Christians' were clearly printed on the front cover[...]

Apart from barring the use of 'Allah', the ban on Christian publications also includes prohibitions on using words like 'Kaabah,' 'Solat' and 'Baitullah'.

"It is just that the government wants to avoid any confusion," Albar added.

Pesky little Christians.

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