February 24, 2009

Democrat Shill Jennifer Loven Files AP Report on Obama Speech...Almost Six Hours Before It Happens

Obama made his speech at 3:22 pm in the afternoon? Well, AP's dateline said so, so it must be so! All Hail Obama!

Democrat mega-shill Jennifer Loven strikes again - this time with telepathy and time travel! Witness her writing the future in past tense, observing things that have not happened and reporting on them as if she were right there witnessing history in past tense, etc.

This doesn't even address the issue that her "report" is little more than cheerleading and a "what you should think about Obama's speech" Soma pill disguised as journalism. You could find this starry-eyed nonsense on any liberal blog.

Standing before a nation on an economic precipice, President Barack Obama aimed to balance candor with can-do Tuesday night in his first address to a joint session of Congress. Millions more anxious Americans were tuning in on TV.

Obama was arguing that his still-unfolding economic revival plan has room for—even demands—a broader agenda including dramatic increases in health care coverage and wiser, "greener" fuel use. It was enough to make even the most skeptical Republican drop to his knees and thank a divine creator they bore witness to this speech

I added that last part. Fits nicely, doesn't it?

And another thing...I challenge any half-wit who buys this garbage to explain to everybody how "greener fuel use" has ANYTHING TO DO with stimulating the economy. I'll get you started - it doesn't, never did and never will.

Bang up job there, AP.

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