February 24, 2009

Likely Obama Appointee's Bin Laden Ties

I'm not sure what Ashley's point is here about the bin Laden connection, but it makes a good headline so I'll run with it. The problem with Charles “Chas” Freeman as chairman of the National Intelligence Council has nothing to do with his company doing business with the bin Laden's -- every one with major construction contracts in the region did business with them -- it's with his political orientation.

If the Bush hawks bent intelligence to fit their own preconceived notions, I do not see why the same thing would not happen under the administration of doves. The human condition is the human condition.

And if it is inevitable that some of our intelligence estimates are going to be wrong (see estimates of WMD in Iraq before Hussein Kemal defected in 1995) then it seems to me that the doves have a much larger problematic to deal with: Oops, we thought al Qaeda didn't have nukes. Our bad.

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