February 23, 2009

Beheading Chic All the Rage in Ummah, Growing Influence of Evangelical Missionaries Suspected

Dozens of headlines over at Google News today tell us that Thai "insurgents" and "separatists" are suspected of beheading a number of people over the past week.


Suspected separatists on Sunday shot dead and beheaded a couple working on a rubber plantation in Yala province, part of Thailand's troubled deep south where an estimated 3,300 people have died violently over the past five years.
Two soldiers also beheaded by the "insurgents". Related? Westerner found beheaded in Bangkok, foul play suspected.

In Pakistan two lovers were beheaded for no particular reason.

And in Saudi Arabia two police officers were beheaded for raping a girl. Which is good news, I guess, given that its usually the rape victim that is punished. I'm actually pretty surprised that the author of this story -- in very un-MSM fashion -- mentions what else will get your head severed from your neck in the Kingdom:

Rape, like apostasy, adultery, armed robbery, and drug trafficking, carries the death penalty in Saudi Arabia, where executions are held in public.
Kudos to Spero News for bravely identifying that apostates risk the death penalty from our "allies" the Saudis.

Hat tip to ROP which noticed the trend.

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