February 21, 2009

Sleeping with the Boss

Ukranian Women.jpg(Kiev, Ukraine) Employment ads for secretaries in the Ukraine frequently offer high-paying positions which include normal secretarial duties plus obligations to sleep with the boss.

The "sexretaries" also receive other special benefits including free lunches, company outings and mobile phones along with occasional back rubs and pats on the po-po.

According to Anna Hutsol (pic) of the women's group Femen, “Sexual perversions are on the rise now. Girls are afraid to lose their jobs and employers take advantage of it.”

Two-for-one job offers seeking secretaries for work and intimacy can now be found on almost any Ukrainian recruitment website.

Not just anyone can apply.

Single “girls” under 26 who have good looks, language skills and administrative aptitude are in demand. The built-in “extra” duty of sleeping with the boss usually comes at the end of the posting.

The scarcity of jobs during the current economic slump is believed to contribute to the sexual subjugation of women.

Also, Ukrainian laws governing sexual harassment and sex offenses in the workplace are relatively weak so the courts have provided little help in protecting working women.

As the head of Femen, Hutsol leads protests advocating against sex tourism and sexretaries. She says she has been inspired by American feminists. (more)

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