February 20, 2009

John Gibson Hoax Video Traced to ... MSM Reporter?(Updated)

Ray Robison does a little sleuthing and finds evidence (not proof) that the person behind the hoax video showing Fox News' John Gibson as a racist may be the work of a reporter for Baltimore TV station WBAL 11 named John Sanders.

Let me predict how this will play out.

First, the laughter on the Left that a blogger could ever find something like this out.

Next, the denials that this guy is behind it because, you know, the evidence just isn't compelling enough. Plus, a blogger!

Then, the admission of guilt by the dude to the bloggers.

Last, laughter from the Left at bloggers because what's the big deal it's not like he did anything illegal?

I think I've seen something like this played out before a time or two.

Update by Stable Hand: Breitbart has vid of B-Cast conversation with Sanders admitting he made it just for fun. He claims he had annotation on the video to indicate the Gibson audio had been altered. Mmmmm, sure.

Be sure to check out Breitbart, for related videos. Also, the B-Cast will have a vid up later with a look at this issue in depth. Johnny Dollar and Steve Krakauer from TV Newser are on the program. Neither can recall seeing any annotation on the earliest posting of the video.

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