February 20, 2009

Huffington Post Posts Doctored Video, Smears John Gibson as RAAAAAACIST, Then Retracts

The Huff-n-puff Post Hate Site posted what they thought was a video of John Gibson uttering a raaaaaaacist remark about Eric Holder. The outrage was real. The lather was thick. The liberals finally had their bloody shirt on FAUX NEWS.

One problem - the video was a cheap, doctored fake. The HuffPo, much to the chagrin of the howler monkeys that infest its comment community, was forced to retract and post an apology.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Isn't this the blog that was just honored as one of the most "important" blogs of 2008 by TIME?

The best is the comments - we're always reminding everyone of the fact that die-hard, true-blue leftists are never capable of telling the truth or letting facts get in the way of a good circle jerk of outrage:

I personally don't care if the video is a fake or not.
Fox itself is devoid of any criteria recommending it as a credible news source.
If this video has been altered, then it's high time Fox got a taste of it's own revisionist nonsense.
That's not the only one who doesn't burden himself with trivialities like facts and "the truth."
Whether or not the video was doctored or not, I think it is still a major indictment of Fox news that the possibility of the clip being authentic was within the realm of possibility.
Conviction for crimes that "might be true because I want them to be, if reality only stopped interfering."

I need a shower now. Un. Freaking. Believable.

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