February 19, 2009

Pics: Brooklyn Decker Nipple Slip in SI Swimsuit 2009

brooklyn-decker_bodypainting_04.jpgAn enterprising -- nay, shall we say heroic?-- reader notices the nipple that slipped by the Sports Illustrated censors.

For some odd reason SI is perfectly willing to show the clearly visible nipple behind, say, an almost transparent wet t-shirt or pretty much see through body paint, but the censors fuzz over the model's flawless areolae when they are directly seen.

Except for here when Brooklyn Decker can be seen baring it all. I'm not what the difference is between "see my nipple under this shirt" and "here's my nipple exposed to direct sunlight" and why they draw the line there. Maybe it's contractual?

Or plausible deniability to mom. I'm not a nude model, just a model. Kind of like Hooters waitresses aren't all-the-way strippers.

Anyway, the people have spoken. Let them eat cheesecake. NSFW images and video below the fold. Oh, and apologies in advance to the Cotillion. I'm sure this is going to go over real well with the femisphere.

The magic happens at 9 seconds in. The video is supposedly PG-13, but it's pretty hot so I'd give it an R rating even without the nipple slip.

Marginally decent vidcaps of Brooklyn Decker nude below. The video is clearer, but thanks to whoever it was that took them. Apologies for the branding, but we've got to eat!



Still tooling around with image shack. Let me know if we kill the bandwidth and the images go down.

UPDATE: I see nipple teasing is all the rage these days.

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