February 16, 2009

SFSU College Republicans Held Anti-Hamas Event, Step On Hamas Flag & Rage Ensues

The College Republicans at SFSU held an anti-hamas event on campus. They had a petition for students to sign in opposition to Hamas. Playing off the Bush shoe throwing incident, students who opposed hamas were encouraged to throw a shoe at the Hamas flag.

Took a lot of testes to do this in Pelosi city, hats off to them. At app. 1:24 the real rage begins. "Get off the f**king flag".

Update: The new Hamas flag, thanks to Fred Fry in comments. Sorry, problem with upload on this so link....the image was the footprint on Hamas flag.

Another commentor Bruce had this image(Note the footprint on flag as mentioned above)


Yes, F**k you Hamas and P**s on you.

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