February 16, 2009

Presidents Day Diversity - Naked Chinese Nurses Scandal

Tainan Nurse-3.jpg(Tainan, Taiwan) Earlier this month, unattached nurses at the Dr. Enherya Clinic, specializing in cosmetic surgery, advertised for boyfriends by posing nude on a billboard, on posters and on the Internet.

The clinic also put up posters of the naked young nurses, distributed the pictures to the media and used them on the Dr. Enherya website (examples in extended entry -- Caution! NSFW!).

Consequences of the naked pictures have been dramatic. The National Nurses Association, the Tainan City Nurses Union and the Tainan City Department of Health are having fits. Meanwhile, the police are investigating possible morals code violations and fraud schemes.

At present, it appears that all the nurses have been fired and the Dr. Enherya Clinic has ceased cosmetic surgery operations -- all because of the unauthorized mixing of personal initiatives with a government-regulated business. (more)

NSFW pics below.

Nude Nurse Billboard.jpg

Nude Nurse-2.jpg

Nude Nurse-4.jpg

Nude Nurse-6.jpg

Nude Nurse-8.jpg

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