February 09, 2009

Miracle! "Fragrant Scent" Of Decaying Body Parts Of A Hamas Terrorist

Well, that wasn't quite the way this pro-Hamas article was worded on a terrorist loving blog:

"Fragrant Scent From Body Parts of a Al-Qassam Fighter

Despite being shattered to pieces[awesome IDF], the body of an Al-Qassam fighter emitted a fragrant scent, and it repeated 20 days after his death.

The family of Abdullah As Shani' was surprised at the smell of musk that dispersed inside the room where the body pieces of their son were laid, thus what’s reported in the syiria-aleppo.com website.

Abdullah As Shani' was a member of Al-Qassam sniper unit. He became the target of a rocket attack from an Israeli F-16 jet fighter [Go IDF], while he was in the security post in the western part of Gaza. It took two days to search for the body of this fighter. Evidently nothing was left out of his body except his head and chin, whereas the rest of his body parts were “crushed” by the Israeli rocket. [Ah, bwahahahaha]

When hearing about the news, dozens of people who recognized this fighter with the kuniyah (nickname) “Abu Hamzah” came in droves to his residence and smelt the fragrant scent coming out from his body parts, which was placed inside a plastic bag in one of the spaces in his family’s house. [looks like he is getting the propaganda angle down]

Can you just imagine the stench err sweet smell of musk when body parts are put in plastic bags? Eh Abu, insert name, open the bag I need a good hit of that musk. Whiffer of said bag promptly vomits and passes out. Ah, the sweet smell of rotting flesh.
This phenomenon was not the only one, the family said that 20 days after his death, the fragrant scent returned to fill the same space.

As is known, Abdullah As Shani', was a Mujahid who did not like to show off his deeds, besides being a member of the sniper unit, he also became a field commander of Al-Qassam and a special officer for the HAMAS notable figures.


Rest in pieces with your 72 virgin goats Abdullah, Allah knows best.

Update: From OxyCon in comments "Lynyrd Sknyrd - "That Smell"

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