February 08, 2009

Obama Abondons Afghanistan, NATO, Our Troops

I'm so disgusted, The Taliban control huge portions of Afghanistan, Kabul is under a virtual siege by Taliban forces who are quickly imposing their barbarous rule in areas they control. Supply lines have been cut. Our troops need help and help fast.

Obama's solution? Do nothing NOT ONE EFFING THING!

Via Riehl World View: Terrorists - 1; Obama - zero. Literally.
So much for fighting those, "who really attacked us on 9/11". Actually I never thought Obama was as much of an empty suit as he was portrayed. I was wrong, the ZERO label is right on. To do this is stupid, to do it and then let it leak, I mean the Brits know more about Obama's plans than the American people?

Hell I even believed that the Lightworker had a plan. He seemed to imply during the campaign that he had one. Now he's depending on "his advisers" to present new plans?

Bush went against many of his advisers and ordered the surge. At least he had an idea and went with it. All Obama seems to have is some squishy half spoiled hope/change. Maybe he can send a bit to our men and women in Afghanistan and they can throw it at the Taliban?

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