February 06, 2009

Father Of USS Cole Victim Refuses to Meet With Obama

Gary G. Swenchonis, Sr., who's son, Gary G. Swenchonis, Jr., was killed on the USS Cole is pretty pissed that the Obama administration has suspended the trial of one of his son's murderers. He was on his way to Guantanamo when he learned that the trial of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri had been suspended on recommendation of the White House:

While my family, myself and a good majority of Americans are wondering how can the Military Commissions Tribunals which were approved by congress can be overturned a by a President who does not agree with them. That's not a democracy. That's more like how President Saleh in Yemen acted after our son's killers were tried in their courts. Saleh intervened for the killers and Al-Qaeda and then reduced their sentences, and pardoned others. And had the other Cole Bombers tried on unrelated charges, and then freed. As victims we had hoped that our own government would show us a little more respect. Wrong!
Read the rest here, and remember to drop Gary a line in the comments.

Let me use that as a segway into this Move America Forward video which argues that we should keep Gitmo open. Let me make my position on Gitmo clear: I don't care if its open or closed. It's just a place.

The problem isn't where we house illegal enemy combatants, its whether we hold them or not. If the solution is to release them, then the inevitable result will be more of this.

Of course, my solution is a swift execution of all members of al Qaeda -- from the lowliest of drivers right up to Khalid Shiekh Mojammad -- but I kind of get the feeling that I'm in the minority on this.

When I support statements such as "keep Gitmo open" and oppose those clamoring for it to close, I'm doing so because I have no idea what the alternative is. If the alternative is shipping them off to a military brig in Guam, okay, I'm on board. If the alternative is giving them a full civilian trial, with all the rights and privileges afforded under the U.S. Constitution, then no freaking way.

Not that I don't think a US jury wouldn't convict, I'm sure they would. What my fear is that prosecutors lack the balls to go for the maximum sentence, that plea bargains will be accepted, and that liberal judges will see fit to overturn sentences.

On to the video, below.

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