February 03, 2009

Islamic Thinkers of NYC Clean Up "Jewbama" Image; Call Jews "Vermin"

Via Jooosef at Revolutionmuslim.com (anonymouse link) we find an image depicting Barack Obama as as a stooge to Israel and a slave to the Jewnazis, whatever that is.

But I must have gotten here just in the nick of time. Apparently the Islamic Stinkers decided that Jooosef al-Khattab brought too much attention to the image and it was scrubbed from their site about 30 minutes ago. (see screen shot of error)

But lets not let them get away with it hmmmm. Its not in Google cache but I've thought ahead, for once, and saved it below.

The original image was located here. (also anonymoused)


click for larger

Hmm, wonder if the secret service might consider that Islamic Thinkers Society is inciting hatred against the President of the United States?

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